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China – Wonderful Charm of the Celestial Empire

How China can be characterized? China is a country easy to come to, and unwilling to depart from. China is a homeland of silk, tea, paper, porcelain, gunpowder… It is the place which, two thousand years ago, saw the genesis of the legendary Great Silk Road - the first trade route which connected the East and the West. The Chinese civilization is so ancient, that at the time when the Gauls were destroying the Roman Empire and Kievan Russia was just experiencing an advent of Christianity, China had already a developed paper money circulation.

A trip to the Celestial Empire includes the world’s highest Tibetan Mountains, lifeless plains of the Gobi Desert, horizonless flowering plains, amazing beaches, equal in service level to the world’s best resorts, famous world-wide Buddhist monasteries, numerous alpinist camps on the Himalayas and Karakorum hillsides, where you can watch sparkling Chomolungma (Mount Everest).

Staying in this country, go up the Great Wall of China, which is so grandiose, that according a myth, it can be seen even from space. Visit also the famous museum with a place where the Chinese Emperor Quin Shi Huang together with his several thousand strong terracotta army was entombed. In the legendary Buddhist temple Shaolin you can see how the monks live and spiritually perfect themselves.

Modern China is a country of bright contrasts. There are blazing sky-scrapers of megapolises neighboring with hutongs of faceless quarters, homely poverty rubbing along with luxury, and brilliance of garish advertisement panels being the only source to illuminate the monotony of the blue-color neighborhood…

Of course, it is a known fact that China is not only interesting for those who love cultural rest but also shopping.

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