Armenia Travel Guide

Armenia Travel Guide: Armenia on the World Map

When to travel
You can plan Armenia travel for any time of the year. However, the most pleasant time for a cultural-historical tour is late spring and early autumn. Winters in Armenia are great for skiing in the mountains. There are many local festivals, religious, cultural, historical and gastronomical events and bright holidays in Armenia. Our Armenia travel guide has collected them in the links below; check out and make the most of your trip
Visa-free entry to Armenia for the period of up to 180 days is valid for citizens of almost all countries of CIS and Europe. Moreover, simplified and quick visa procedure at the airport is open for residents of many countries of the world. It is also possible to get an electronic visa to Armenia via official website page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Temperature & Precipitation
Currency exchange & Credit cards
It is possible to exchange USD, Euros or Russian rubles to Armenian drams without any problems in big cities – airports, banks, currency exchange offices and many hotels. In smaller cities of Armenia, you can exchange currency only in banks. Hotels and supermarkets accept credit cards. Traveler’s checks are accepted in rare cases.
Getting in
Удобнее всего путешествовать в Армению самолетом, а именно прилететь в международный аэропорт Звартноц (Ереван). Регулярно сюда отправляются рейсы из Москвы и некоторых городов Европы. Также, можно отправиться в Армению на машине, приехав из Грузии или Ирана. К сожалению, граница Армении с Азербайджаном и Турцией закрыта. Кроме того, можно отправиться в Армению из соседней Грузии на поезде, который ежедневно отправляется из Тбилиси.
Customs regulations
It is allowed to import up to 2 liters or 1 bottle of alcohol, 400 cigarettes and personal belongings costing no more than 500 USD, otherwise you need to pay customs fee. You need to declare if you are taking in more than 10,000 USD or equivalent. But you cannot take out more than 10,000 USD of cash. Eurasian Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia) is exempt from the cash import and export regulations. You have to obtain permission of the Ministry of Culture to export art pieces and pay customs fee (around 10 USD) at the airport.
DO's in Armenia