Soups of Azerbaijani cuisine

Kinds of traditional soups in Azerbaijani cuisine

Soups in Azerbaijani cuisineAzerbaijani national cuisine offers more than 30 soups. Among them are every possible meat soups (piti, kyufta-bozbash, shorba etc.), soups from sour milk and greens (dovga, ovdukh, dogramach, balva etc.).

Azerbaijani soups are very thick and rich. Here are the most known …





Mutton soup with peas, vegetables, cherry plums and spices. Each serving is cooked in a separate vessel – pitishnitsa (a crock). 15 minutes prior to readiness they add finely cut fat-tail fat. Before serving the dish is seasoned with spices and saffron tincture, finely pounded dried mint.


Soup from mutton bones with large meatballs made of meat and rice with peas and potatoes, spices. Every meatball contains dried fruit. 10-15 minutes until readiness they put pepper, saffron tincture, and salt. When serving the soup is seasoned with greens – fresh coriander, and during winter time- dried mint.


Dyushbara are Azerbaijani pelmeni. To cook it you need to make broth from mutton bones, and minced meat from flesh with addition of onions and spices. Unleavened dough is unrolled up to 1 mm thickness, then cut into squares. The squares are filled with minced meat (2- 3 grams per each) and shaped like triangle pouches. Then they are put into the broth for 5 minutes. When served dyushbaras are seasoned with coriander or dried mint with separately served wine vinegar with garlic.

Sulu khingal

Mutton soup with peas also thinly sliced dough. When ready they put fried onion, chopped greens. Before serving the dish is seasoned with dried mint. Vinegar is served separately.


Dovga is a liquid dish made from sour milk. Rice is added to curdled milk with sour cream, flour and eggs. The mixture while on fire is to be constantly stirred to prevent it from curdling. After the mixture starts boiling they add finely chopped greens, salt and boil until it is ready. Dovga can be cooked with or without meat. 


Soup with beans and noodles. Small balls are made from minced meat. The beans are cooked separately. Unleavened dough is to be unrolled and cut in strips to make home-made noodles- arishta . First meat balls are cooked in broth followed by noodles and the boiled beans. When ready they add chopped greens and dried mint when served.


A specific dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. Eggs are diluted with some salty water and this mixture is sprayed into flour. The floury drops are rounded in flour to get crumbs-like pieces. Water is added to fried onion and boiled. Floury crumbs are put into a sieve and shaken to get rid of excess flour and put in boiling broth being constantly stirred. Before serving they add saffron tincture and dried mint.