Azerbaijani Sweets

Sweets in Azerbaijani cuisine

Azerbaijani sweets - pakhlavaAzerbaijani national sweets are divided into three kinds-flour-based, caramel, and candies. The flour-based ones are: shekebura, pakhlava, sheker-churek, Baku kurabye, nan, kyata, tykhma, kyulcha, mutaki. There are over 30 varieties: each area has its special kind.

The caramel ones include sheker-pendir, parvarda, nut kozinaki, halvah, etc.

Among candies the most popular are rahat lakoum (with different additions), jellied fig, sherbet, feshmek, etc.


Pies from fancy pastry with stuffing from sweet almonds or fried nuts mixed with sugar. Stuffing is wrapped in dough rounds, the edges are helically nipped. Various ornaments might be drawn on shakerbura's surface.

Azerbaijani sweets - nuts-and-honey bar Azerbaijani sweets - rahat lokum Azerbaijani sweets - rahat lokum


Azerbaijani housewives cook pakhlava from the same dough as in shakerbura. The first layer of rolled out dough is put on oiled baking tray, the stuffing is strewn on it; the second dough layer is used to cover the stuffing. The procedure is repeated 8-10 times. After that pakhlava is cut in rhombuses, greased with the yolk of an egg mixed with saffron. Nut or pistachio halves are used to decorate each rhombus' middle. When ready pakhlava is coated with syrup or honey.


To cook this delicious cookie melted butter is whipped with powdered sugar with egg white added gradually. Vanillin, sifted flour are added to make dough. After that dough balls are made and put on the baking tray with. Yolk is used for coating each ball. The balls are baked in the oven. Cooled down shaker-churek is strewn with powdered sugar.

Baku kurabye

Very tasty cookies but rich in calories. The dough for kurabye is made of butter, powdered sugar, egg whites and flour. The cookies are decorated with stuffing of mashed fruit and sugar.