Expo 2017: "Energy of the Future"

Date: 10-JUN-17 to 10-SEP-17
City: Astana
International exhibition "Expo 2017: "Energy of the Future"

Official site: www.expo2017astana.com

About the exhibition: 

Specialized international exhibition EXPO-2017 enlisted by the best tourist guides and top 50 awaited events of the world will take place from June 10 to September 10, 2017 in Astana. For the period of 93 days Kazakhstan will hold one of the most grandiose holidays of the tourist season. 115 countries and 18 international organizations have confirmed their participation. It is expected that the event will be visited by up to 5 mln people from all over the world.

Theme of the exhibition

EXPO-2017 that will take place under slogan "Future Energy" will highlight alternative sources of energy, one of the most important themes the world is concerned about. Bright and concise logo of the EXPO-2017 embodies the theme of the exhibition: asymmetrically located leaves in a circle symbolize energy and perpetual motion. The exhibition will demonstrate ideas and solutions on energy recycling sources and implementation of the principle "green economy": buildings, that generate energy for self-provision, "smart houses", electric cars, automobiles on bio fuel and others.

Comfort for guests of the exhibition

For EXPO-2017, there are 23 hotels will be launched in Astana accommodating 2829 people, thus expanding their number up to 187 hotels. Apart from that, a railway station has been deployed to serve 4500 people a day and a new airport terminal was built with four gates and the capacity of serving 1500 passengers at a rush hour.

For the convenience of foreign guests at EXPO-2017, Kazakhstan introduced visa-free regime for 45 countries. You can see the list of countries that have visa-free entry agreement with Kazakhstan here.

Special attention is given to security: 9000 policemen, 5000 doctors will be involved, 20000 different signalization sensors, about 2100 CCTVs will be used.

Moreover, the program "Recommended by EXPO-2017" has been launched in Astana to offer the first-class service during the event. Under the program, requirements to the level of service were developed with the consideration of valid legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international experience.

Scientists, historians, geographers took part in preparing guides for EXPO-2017, who had shared their best experience and interesting information on Astana and Kazakhstan.

Guests of the EXPO-2017 will be met by specialists and volunteers.

Tickets to EXPO-2017

Ticket price ranges from 4 to 8 thousand KZT; guests can purchase tickets both with fixed or open dates.

EXPO-2017 online tickets and direct sales are already open.

Exhibition complex EXPO-2017

General area of the EXPO-2017 exhibition complex is huge: it equals to 174 hectares or 1.74 square kilometers. 25 hectares out of it is given to exhibition zone that will place National pavilion of Kazakhstan, international, thematic and corporate pavilions. The rest of the area is occupied by a conference-centre, press-centre, indoor city, residential houses and hotels, trade and entertainment facilities. All of the new facilities are subject to the main theme of the exhibition - "Future energy".

National pavilion of Kazakhstan, built in the shape of the sphere, is a gem of architectural achievements of EXPO-2017. Latest technologies are used the pavilion’s work. Thus, energy consumption in the building will be reduced thanks to functioning of two silent wind generators.

The National Pavilion divided into two major zones occupies the base of the Sphere on the area of 5000 square meters. The first zone is an introduction to Kazakhstan; it will present landscapes, culture, past, present and future of the country. In the zone "Creative energy" the best projects of local scientists on "green economy" will be demonstrated.

Each level of the Sphere will be specialized in a separate theme of energetics- space, sun, wind, biomasses, water and kinesthetic energy. The last level will show Astana of the future- the way it will be in 2050.

The pavilion "Best Practices Zone" will demonstrate 25-30 best world practices in the sphere of production, preservation and transportation of renewable sources of energy. The concluding part is "General zones" dedicated to the conceptual basis of future energy.

Cultural program

During the days of EXPO-2017, there will be a row of bright events held in Astana. Among them are 55th Convention of World Boxing Association and fights of legends of boxing, show program of famous Cirque du Soleil, exhibition of terracotta army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the most prestigious vocalists competition "Operalia" supervised by Placedo Domingo, Summer Cup of the KVN (a popular TV amateur arts contest, running for many years) Top League, festival of contemporary ethnic music "The Spirit of Tengri", song contest "Turkvision" and many others.

The biggest event of 2017 is awaiting you in Astana!