Kazakhstan International Halal Expo - 2017

Date: from 11-SEP-17 to 12-SEP-17
City: Astana
7th International Exhibition and Seminar

Location: Congress Hall
Address: 1, Beybitshilik st., Astana city, Kazakhstan

About Kazakhstan International Halal Expo - 2017:

Kazakhstan International Halal Expo – 2017 – it is unique platform for demonstration of goods and services of domestic and foreign Halal-businesses.

Sections of exhibition:

• Canned, frozen and chilled food;
• Agricultural products (vegetables, fruits);
• Baby food, dietetic food;
• Meat products (sausages, meat delicacies);
• Semi-finished products;
• Fish products, seafood;
• Confectionary (cakes, chocolates, sweets);
• Beverages (mineral water, juices, nectars, fizzy drinks and still drinks);
• Cheeses, dairy products (milk, cheese, sour cream, whey, clabber, yogurt);
• Fat-and-oil products, spreads;
• Bakery and flour products;
• Snack products;
• Herbs, spices and seasonings;
• Groceries;
• Honey and honey products;
• Dates, dried fruits;
• Tea, coffee;
• BAD (bioactive additives);
• Containers and packaging;
• Equipment for production of food products;
• Cosmetics and perfumery;
• Muslim clothing, Muslim artistic and historical films, cartoons, literature;
• Pharmaceutics;
• Banking.