10 eco guest-houses to open in innovation village for EXPO-2017

Category: EXPO-2017

EXPO-201710 eco guest-houses will open in the village of Arnasay in Arshalyn region for the beginning of the international exhibition EXPO-2017, reports NBews.Kz. Eco guesthouses are the property of the residents of Arnasay village. There guests will be offered eco products including 12 kinds of vegetables, planted with method of water economy and usage of agro - fibre, hydrogel and drip irrigation.

Arnasay village of Arshalyn region became the first center of "green" technologies in Kazakhstan. The center is equipped with 35 "green" innovations including subterranean heating, solar panels, biogas plant for utilization of organic garbage, underground heat accumulator. The learning center has one of the most effective and long-lasting solar collectors providing with water and steam. Each visitor of the center may receive qualified consultation and practical help in application and adaptation of "green" technologies. The center has been working since 2010 with no budget and on initiative of "International secretariat of G-Global", coalition "For 'green economy' of Kazakhstan and development of G-global" and public fund "Aqbota".