3-Day Mangystau Group Tour

3-Day Mangystau Group Tour

Experience a comprehensive three-day tour that unveils the vast natural wonders of Mangystau. Journeying by jeep, you'll discover an array of majestic sites: from the mysterious stone balls of Torysh to the imposing Sherkala Mountain, the captivating valley of castles Airakty, and the awe-inspiring Bozzhyra tract with its vertigo-inducing viewing platforms. This tour is an incredible way to explore the diverse and stunning landscapes of the region.

Torysh, Kok-kala, Sherkala, Airakty, Bozzhyra, Kyzylkup

3 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | US$ 465

The V World Nomad Games to be Hosted in Kazakhstan

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World Nomad Games to be Hosted in KazakhstanThe V World Nomad Games are set to take place in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, from September 8 to 15, 2024. This announcement was made by Kazakhstan's Minister of Tourism and Sports, Yermek Marzhikpayev, as reported by The Astana Times. The event is expected to draw 4,000 athletes from 100 countries, with 73 countries already confirming their participation.

This international event will feature 20 competitive and 10 demonstration sports, highlighting traditional games and skills. These include national forms of wrestling, martial arts, archery, horse racing, falconry, and various ethnic sports and games. The event will also feature 110 medal events.

A highlight of the games is the ancient Kazakh game "Togyzkumalak" or "nine pebbles," recognized by UNESCO as part of the intangible cultural heritage. Often referred to as "steppe chess," it enhances strategic and mathematical skills.

To showcase nomadic culture, Kazakhstan will present an "Ethnic Aul" or "Nomadic Universe," where visitors can explore yurts of different ethnic groups and experience regional cultural and tourist attractions. The event will also include the Museum of Nomadic Civilization, the City of Craftsmen, and opportunities to engage in neo-nomad festivals, enjoy traditional cuisine, and experience aitys, a form of improvised poetry.

The games will also host a scientific conference focusing on sport horse breeding and the training and standardization of ethnosports.

The World Nomad Games will take place across five venues: Astana Arena, Kazanat Hippodrome, Alau Ice Palace, Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov Wrestling Palace, and Duman Complex.

Approximately 100,000 guests are expected to visit Kazakhstan for the event, with arrangements made with Astana's top hotels for the convenience of participants and tourists.
Previously, the first three editions of the World Nomad Games were held in Kyrgyzstan, and the fourth edition was hosted by Iznik, Turkey.