Lake Dragon, China

Scenic contrasts of the Dragon Lake nature

Over the past few years, Aksu along with Hotan, Turpan and Kashgar is considered the Xinjiang tourist Mecca. Aksu, with the population of 600,000 people, is one of the most modern cities in the region, and at the same time it is an ancient city with a rich history and culture.

Aksu attracts tourists from all over the world not only with its historical places, but also with a unique nature that inspires and enslaves hearts at first sight. Since Aksu is located on the border of the Taklamakan Desert, on the one hand, its climate is quite hot and harsh, especially in the summer, but on the other hand, the city also borders with the Tien Shan, where the climate in the foothills and mountainous areas is comparable with the alpine one.

Among these picturesque contrasts there is one of the main gems of Aksu and the whole immediate area - Lake Dragon, or as commonly called by the Kyrgyz who live there - Kyrgyz Artukul.

The lake is not just striking in its beauty; it sweeps everybody off the feet at first sight. Many tourists, who visited Lake Dragon once, are coming there back for many years to spend a few days in a tourist village located near the lakeside. An international hunting zone, located nearby, where inveterate hunters can enrich their leisure, plays an important role in this.

The Dragon lakeside itself is very steep, and sometimes dangerous. This is especially true with its western part. However, the natural beauty and a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities make this place one of the most popular tourist attractions in Aksu.