Baoji - birthplace of Emperor Huang Di

Motherland of Taoism founder

Baoji City is located on the left bank of the Weihe River. It is located in Shaanxi Province and is one of the key points of the railway connecting Lanzhou and Xi'an. Furthermore, Baoji is crossed by expressway which connects the city with Xian, the capital of Shaanxi Province.

Baoji ranges among the Chinese cities, interesing for tourists. As recently as a half a century ago there were about 100 people, today the city's population reaches several million people. It is due to a strategically important location of the city, which since ancient times was considered the crossroad of several trade routes.

The first records of Baoji belong to the III century BC. This city will seem real Eldorado for lovers of ancient Chinese history. It managed to preserve many historical sites and cultural monuments. In addition, several historical moments are connected with the city.

It was the place where Huang Di, perhaps the most famous and revered Chinese Emperor, was born. He is one of the main mythical characters from the history of China, who is considered the ancestor of all Chinese people and the founder of Taoism. Perhaps, that is why the main cultural and historical gem of Baoji is considered the legendary Taoist temple of Jintao-guan.

The Jintao guan Temple is one of the oldest shrines of Taoism. The temple was built in traditional Chinese style; it features three turrets of gold, silver and jasper. The temple is not a monolithic structure. It includes Jasper Lord Pavilion, Palace of the Three Pure, Patriarch Lyuya Palace, Cave of Wise Mother and Sanfeng Cave. Not only tourists but also pilgrims following the path of Tao from all over the world come there every year.

These are not all the attractions of the temple. The courtyard of the Jintao-guan Temple features a 700-year-old oak tree. The local guides claim that it was planted by monk Sanfeng – founder of Wudang Wushu. Sanfeng is revered by Taoists as one of the main legendary figures in the history of philosophical doctrine, so that veneration of the ancient cypress is a ritual of worship for Taoist monks.

Baozi is a city located at the crossroads of cultures and times. On the one hand, it is a modern metropolis with developed infrastructure; on the other hand, it is ancient history, philosophy and culture of Taoism, which is no longer separated from Baoji City.