Tuyugou Canyon in the vicinity of Turfan

The picturesque scenery of the Uighur settlements in Tuyugou Canyon

15 km from the ruins of Gaochan there is the 8-km-long Tuyugou Canyon. The canyon, which divides Fire Mountains into two parts, is a small valley with a stream and several Uygur communities. These small villages, protected by mountains, still live the life traditional for the Uygur.

The most famous village in the canyon is Tuyuk. In its territory there is one of the most revered shrines of the Muslim Uygur - an ancient mosque and numerous shrines (depositions) as well. This place is visited very often not only by tourists, but also by pilgrims.

However, the tourists are not only attracted by the ancient shrines. The villages themselves are quite a colorful picture: a lot of old buildings on the background of harsh mountains. No any advances of civilization can be found there. Small mud dwellings built in the old Uygur style, green gardens with ayvans and people in traditional dressed ... it's easy to forget about civilization and be lost in the Ugur culture. Here they can taste traditional Uygur food right in the local houses. The local people are very hospitable, and the elders can tell them Uygur ancient tales and legends.

Another place of interest is located 8 km from the canyon. This is the world famous Yanhai burial, notable for a mummy of a Caucasoid who lived there 2700 year ago, discovered during the excavation in 2008.