Emblem of Georgia

Emblem of GeorgiaEmblem of Georgia is represented by a red shield with the depiction of the silver figure of Georgia’s patron, St. George ahorseback, striking a snake. Two golden lions support the shield crowned by a golden crown. In the bottom part of the shield there is a ribbon with an inscription "Strength in unity”.

St. George spearing a dragon represents the Christian traditions and the morale of the Georgian people. The name of Saint is consonant with the name of the country, as in many languages Georgia sounds like a country of Georg (Georgia).

The repetition St.George’s depiction, Mamuka Gongadze accounts for the fact that in Georgia, the Holy Day of St. George is celebrated twice a year.

On a blue background there is a golden mountain depicted with a volcano that spews out lava and gold pierced with arrows, which tips are directed upwards. This depiction symbolizes the historic emblem of Eastern Georgia, which embodies the mythological past of the country and the victory over the dark forces. The Golden Fleece depicted on a blue background is a historic emblem of West Georgia, or Colchis. It represents the pre-Christian culture and the historical connection of the Georgian people with the most ancient centres of civilization.

Above the shield is a large royal crown used in the coats of arms of the royal Bagrationi dynasty. Golden lions have been traditional elements of the coats of arms of the Georgian kings since the XVIIth century.