Kobuleti Railway Station

Address: 1 Memed Abashidze Street, Kobuleti
Phone: + 995 322 19-90-10

Kobuleti Railway Station is a small provincial stop located in the resort town’s southern quarter. The beach is less than a kilometer away from the train station, while the bus station is located just to the south of it.

The station building is small but quite modern for a small town like Kobuleti. Inside there are ticket offices and a waiting room, and outside there are two platforms.

The town is only 20 kilometers from Batumi, so while there are few trains to Kobuleti itself, Kobuleti Railway Station serves as an intermediate stop for passenger trains passing through from Batumi to central Georgia.

Passenger Information: At the height of the summer season it is better to buy train tickets in Kobuleti in advance, as there may be queues at the ticket offices.

Kobuleti Trains