Georgia to restore the 1000-year mountain church

Category: Tourism

Nikortsminda Cathedral to be restored in GeorgiaThe project on restoration of the 11th century church Nikortsminda, located in the mountain region Racha, was adopted in Georgia, reports the information agency Sputnik Georgia. The project is funded by the Georgian government and provides not only for temple restoration but also maintenance of the adjoining tourist infrastructure, including the roads leading to the cathedral.

During the reconstruction, it is also planned to develop a squares and build souvenir shops. The aim of such a massive Nikortsminda temple restoration is contributing to the development of tourism infrastructure of the country and preservation of monuments of Georgian cultural legacy.

On 6 and 7 August of the current year, the Nikortsminda cathedral celebrated the Millennial anniversary since its foundation. Representatives of Georgian government and Catolicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II paid a visit to the festivities in Racha.

NOTE: Nikortsminda is one of the rare massive architectural sights in the entire Racha, and is the only church of Georgian “Golden Age” in this area. Nikortsminda Cathedral is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.