Georgia Tourism

Georgia Tourism

The very first tourists in Georgia had been in the 2nd century B.C.; while the first tour-leader was a legendary Jason, who arrived in Colchis with his Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece. Thus began the chronicle of cultural tourism in Georgia. For the last three millennia, the number of tourist spots for a must-visit have increased significantly. Tourists from around the world are amazed by architectural monuments of the early Christianity in Bolnisi and Dmanisi. It is a mysterious travel into the history of the ancient Georgia, the period of emergence of Christianity in Caucasus and formation of the Georgian language. Georgia has always attracted visitors with its natural beauty, ancient culture and wonderful cuisine.

Tourism in Georgia got new impulse in recent years when good investments developed the infrastructure of roads, hotels, restaurants, restoration and modernization of pebbled beaches and medical resorts of the Black Sea. Entire cities have been renewed including the naval capital of the resort – Batumi and the city of lovers Sighnaghi. Renewed Georgia is becoming a favorite spot on the map of tourists and travelers.

In the last few years, it has become very popular to celebrate New Year holidays in Georgia, 
when cities are decorated for Christmas and rooms in 5-star mountain resorts on the height of 3006 meters in Gudauri turn out to be booked by connoisseurs early in summer. You will never forget a car trip on a serpentine snowy Military Georgian road and dizzy ski paths above the sky. The flow of tourists never dries out to the ancient capital of Georgian Kingdom – the city of Mtskheta that combines the beauty and grandeur of oldest cathedrals of the 11th century and charm of modern touristic centre.

Every village, every city of Georgia is famous for its ancient monuments, unforgettable landscapes, unique local traditions, food recipes and … naturally, wine. Thus road maps in Georgia mostly resemble a wine card. Especially, in the Alazan valley in Kakheti internationally recognized centre of winery. There they have been growing vines for centuries and many sorts carry the names of the produced land: Akhasheni, Vazisubani, Gurdjaani, Kardenakhi, Kakheti, Kvareli, Kindzmarauli, Kotekhi, Manavi, Mukuzani, Napareuli, Teliani, Tibaani and Tsinandali. Special trick in Kakheti is “Wine Route” road signs that will take you to a winery or a wine cellar. The salt of a fascinating trip to Georgia is tasting its legendary wines and cheese.

Experiencing tourism in this hospitable and kind Georgia is exactly what you need.