Tbilisi-Kutaisi Train

Tbilisi-Kutaisi Train is modest and simple but allows for budget travel between Tbilisi and tourist Kutaisi. Below is a detailed train schedule and a description of its wagons.

Tbilisi-Kutaisi Train: 18
08:50 Tbilisi 14:55 Kutaisi 6h 5m Daily Book
Tbilisi-Kutaisi Train: 17
12:10 Kutaisi 17:46 Tbilisi 5h 36m Daily Book

Please arrive 15 min before departure to allow sufficient time for boarding.

Standard inexpensive train from the local company Georgian Railways. It has a low speed, and consists of one second-class wagon that can hold 56 passengers. In the salon of the car are soft seats, as well as an air conditioner. This train is one of the best options for budget travel from Tbilisi to Kutaisi or back.

Speed: up to 90 km/h
Train consists of:

    1 second-class wagon with 56 places