Useful information on train travel

How much hand luggage can I take with me? How many pieces?

Each passenger is allowed up to 36 kg of hand luggage. Unlike the flight check in, number of suitcases is not important while you travel by train.

Understanding the train ticket: What does my railway ticket say?

Train ticket of Georgia Railways

1. Departure date
2. Departure time
3. Carriage number
4. Carriage type
5. Seat number
5. Ticket number
7. Route
8. Arrival date and time
9. Passenger passport number
10. Passenger name


Discounts available on Georgia Railways services:

- A child under age of five may accompany each fare-paying passenger free of charge. Children who are travelling free may only occupy a seat which is not required by a fare-paying passenger.

-50% discount applies for children train tickets up to the age of 10. Please be prepared to show birth certificate to a member of the onboard crew upon request.