National emblem

National Symbolics of Kazakhstan

The National Emblem of KazakhstanThe state emblem of the Republic of Kazakhsan was officially approved on the 24th of January, 1996. National symbol represents the depiction of a golden shanyrak in the center and an upper arch of the jurt on a blue background. Arch of the yurt, the traditional dwelling of nomadic Kazakhs is the symbol of hearth and home, the image of the common home of the inhabitants of the republic. Ring in the middle of the arch is a symbol of eternity. Uyks, supports of the yurt diverge from the arch in the form of sunrays. Supports of a triple poles are the symbol of three zhuzs or three Kazakh hordes. Happiness in the common home depends on the strength of the supports. On both sides, there are mythical winged horses. Image of the horse Tulpar resembles the image on the helmet of the Issyks Gold man.