Kazakhstan Railways

“Kazakhstan Temir Zholi” is a state operator of almost all railways in Kazakhstan. The general length of the main routes in the country makes up over 15 000 km. This huge company has 150000 employees that is 1% of the entire country population. The longest route Almaty-Mangyshlak is 3269km and the train covers this road in 3 days. However, main routes of the company are Astana-Almaty, Astana-Shymkent, Almaty-Atyrau.
Kazakhstan Railways is continously being developed; the company modifies existing railways, and builds high-speed roads, where trains will be able to speed up to 350km/h. 

Passenger trains

The most popular trains of Kazakhstan Railways are modern trains Tulpar-Talgo and Otyrar, as well as Regular trains with the speed up to 100km/h.

Kazakhstan railways

High-speed Tulpar-Talgo train is produced in Kazakhstan in cooperation with the Spanish company “Talgo”. Its average speed is 130km/h. The train runs to three most popular destinations: Astana-Almaty, Astana-Shymkent, Almaty-Shymkent.

Kazakhstan railways

High-speed Otyrar train has its name from an ancient city of Otrar in the south of Kazakhstan. The train offers standard kupe-compartments for 4 passengers each and affordable places in platscart - open dormitory style couchette carriages. It connects the southern cities of Almaty and Shymkent.

Kazakhstan railways
Regular Train

The basic train of Kazakhstan Railways with two types of carriages: four place kupe-compartments and platskarts - berths with beds without partitions. Its main disadvantage is a medium speed with frequent stops on the way.


Kazakhstan Railways Map

Kazakhstan  Railways Map