KazPost starts selling EXPO-2017 tickets

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EXPO 2017As of 2 November 2016 tickets to EXPO-2017, specialized exhibition of "Energy of the future", are available at KazPochta (KazPost) branches, reports the BNews.Kz.

Fixed-date ticket for a working day costs 4000 tenge and for weekend - 6000 tenge. Apart from that, open-date tickets are available for 6000 and 8000 tenge for working days and weekend respectively. Operators at the post office branches will register the electronic tickets via the official website for EXPO-2017 ticket sale - tickets.expo2017astana.com
The website provides the list of the ticket sale points.

You can pay with cash or credit. Tickets sale will be on until the last day of the EXPO-2017, 10 September 2017.