Famous artists created unique art-objects at the EXPO-2017

Category: EXPO-2017, Astana

EXPO-2017Three well-known contemporary artists created unique art-objects on the territory of the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana, reports BNews.kz.

Andrew Rogers, international artist of Australian origin, inspired with the energy of the wind, created a 12.5m tall sculpture "Unfurling Energy" - one of the biggest works of the modern art made from bronze and steel. It is to note that Rogers is an author of the biggest work in land-art style in the world and his sculptures are included in numerous significant private and public collections.

Marc Fornes came up with the "Coral" sculpture based on the structure of the sea coral. The sculpture is a complex engineering construction consisting of approximately 7500 separate elements compiled by the team of French engineers and architects.

Saken Narynov, the artist working in the genre of impossibilism, presented sculptures "In time and space" and "Magic of energy" that represent a peculiar portals allowing to make space-to-time passes.