Bokonbayevo, Issyk-Kul

Bokonbayevo – Exoticism for Tourists

Bokonbayevo, a picturesque settlement on the Issyk-Kul southern lakeside, is the center of ecological tourism in Kyrgyzstan. Located in a compact world, on the background of exciting mountain scenes and the blue Issyk-Kul, shining in the sun, it receives annually hundreds of tourists coming from different countries and longing for the unity with nature, plain rural living, and familiarity with original Kyrgyz traditions.

The village is found 160 from Karakol and 280 km from Bishkek at the altitude of 1800 m above sea level. From there, you can make trekking to the mountain range Terskey Alo-Too, ranging from one day up to two weeks, visiting hot springs, saline Chalice of Manas and Kyrgyz longest waterfall.

You can stay in the guest houses and yurt sites (camping) located on the Issyk-Kul lakeside to live a traditional life of the Kyrgyz. What a lovely thing to wake up at sunrise, have boorsoks for breakfast and drink fresh kumiss (mare’s milk), ride on horseback on the dewy green meadows, and then have besh-barmak, byzhy, zhorg for a substantial dinner, swim in the warm Issyk-Kul or go fishing, and in the late evening listen to akyns’ songs at the fire.

Every year, in the height of tourist season, Bokonbayevo hosts the country’s best known hunting bird festival. Experienced falconers numbering about a dozen in the village demonstrate ways of falconry for small and big games, the habits and special aspects of golden eagles and falcons and can arrange a true hunting for tourists.

Coming to Bokonbayevo you can watch carpet weaving and making felt souvenirs in a process, see various national horse racing and games, where the equestrians demonstrate their abilities and dexterity, take part in master class in cooking national food and listen to the performances of local musicians and dancing groups.