Kyrgyzstan Tours

Kyrgyzstan Tours

Despite its small size, Kyrgyzstan is full of amazing places. Book a best Kyrgyzstan tour to discover the mountains, lakes, and valleys that make this country a top destination. Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a thrill or interested in exploring the rich culture and history of this small country, a Kyrgyzstan tour is best for those looking for something unequaled anywhere else.

Many people come to Kyrgyzstan to visit the mountains, which makes sense, considering that 94% of Kyrgyzstan is covered in mountains. The massive Tian Shan range covers a lot of Kyrgyzstan, with its tallest peaks reaching over 7,000 m (22,965 ft). Nestled among the towering peaks are broad green valleys and crystal-clear lakes, with tumbling rivers that flow through fresh juniper forests. The broad green valleys are often used as summer pastures for herds of animals, and in the warmer months, are dotted with yurts and horses. Some of the lakes are too cold for swimming (like Son-Kul), but Issyk-Kul definitely isn’t. The sandy shores and alpine resorts around Issyk-Kul are must-visits on any best Kyrgyzstan tour, perfect for a moment of relaxation. Some people love adventure, and Kyrgyzstan offers plenty of horseback rides, rafting trips, ski resorts, and hikes, perfect for any adrenaline lover.

Though the nature can tend to dominate, the best Kyrgyzstan tours don’t ignore the culture and history of this country. Spend a night in a yurt, a traditional home made of wood and felt and designed to be both sturdy and transportable. Learn about all of the textiles Kyrgyzstan is famous for, and listen to the famous komuz (a three-stringed instrument) or The Epic of Manas, the epic poem that is a spiritual foundation in modern Kyrgyzstan. And make sure to try beshbarmak (ground meat boiled with noodles) and kumis (fermented mare’s milk) to get a real taste of nomadic life.

Based on years of experience, our best Kyrgyzstan tours combine all of the elements of Kyrgyzstan’s culture and landscape to introduce you to the entirety of this country. Travel with the best guides, stay at the best hotels, and eat at the best restaurants, all supported by Advantour’s consultants, who are based in Central Asia. Book a small group tour to Kyrgyzstan to save on money and planning, or schedule a private tour to fit your interests and schedule.

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