National Flag of Kyrgyzstan

National Flag of Kyrgyzstan National flag of Kyrgyzstan was approved by Jogorku Kengesh on the 3rd of March, 1992 and represents a red cloth in the centre of which a round solar disk with forty uniformly diverging rays of golden colour are placed. Inside the solar disk, there is a red Tunduk of Kyrgyz yurt. The banner’s width is three-fifths of its length. The diameter of the radiant disk is three-fifths of the width of the flag. The ratio of the sun’s diameter to radiant disks is 3 to 5.The Tunduk’s diameter is half the diameter of the radiant disk.

The red colour of the banner symbolizes valour and courage. This colour was also on the banner of Manas, the hero of the famous Kyrgyz epic. In addition, the word "Kyrgyz" corresponds to the word "red", as a red colour was traditionally venerated and considered a national colour from times immemorial. The sun, bathing in its rays is a symbol of light, eternity of existence, peace and wealth. Image of the sun resembles a roofing of Kirghiz nomads` typical yurt. This is a symbol of warmth and hospitality, unity of time and space, the source of life and solidarity. 40 rays signify forty Kyrgyz tribes.

Tunduk embodies a paternal house, which also to wider extent represents a world as the universe and cohesion of the peoples living in the republic.