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Soosamyr valley

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Due to weather conditions kymyz treatment is available from May 25 to July 1 and from 1 August to 30 September.

The Koumiss resort “Baitur” was opened in 2011 in Kyrgyzstan’s one of the ecologically clean regions - the Suusamyr Valley. Koumiss treatment is a unique method of health improvement, gaining more and more popularity due to the general effect to human organism. Suusamyr is an Alpine plateau, located at the height of 2,200 meters and 160 km from Bishkek. Koumiss and mare’s milk particularly from the Suusamyr Valley are famous for their medicinal properties from ancient time.
It is quite desirable to undergo treatment with mare’s milk every year; indeed, it is considered a true panacea for all diseases. The mare’s milk has a high biological value. It is used for treatment of a number of diseases, as a breast milk substitute and main component of infant food. The mare’s milk is used to produce koumiss, which is subsequently used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The milk is readily digested by a debilitated organism, stimulating appetite, improving food breakdown processes and enhancing intestinal absorption. At the same time, koumiss lowers blood cholesterol level while high content of iron increases blood Hb level.
The koumiss chemical composition comprises proteins, fats, В, РР, А, Е, С group vitamins, microelements - all of them are connected with proteins, which facilitate their better uptake.
Koumiss also exercises a salutary effect to diseases of nervous system, enhances host defenses and respiratory center, improves defensive function of liver, and removes alcohol intoxication. It has an immunostimulating effect due to linolenic acid from Omega-3 family. Koumiss, by rights, can be referred as “live milk”. It is a diabetic and bracing product at the same time.
The modern Koumiss resort “Baitur” located in the Suusamyr Valley will offer you a unique method of koumiss therapy which will allow you not only to improve health due to mare’s milk medicinal properties but also to have a good rest enjoying the beauty of this country.

The cottage room rate includes: three proper meals daily, newly drawn healing milk five times a day.


• Comfortable, 3-bed rooms with necessary facilities;
• The rooms of the superior level of comfort - Deluxe, Junior Suite and Standard;
• Three times meal a day;
• Fresh Mare's milk (Kyrg. Saamal) and kumis;
• Different types of massage, cosmetic and other wellness treatments;
• Horseback riding;
• Trip to the mountains and picnic on the nature;
• Fishing trip;
• Flights on paraplanes;
• National and European cuisine;
• Sauna, shower;
• Playground for adults and children.

  • Property Amenities:
  • Massage cabinet


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