Botany Beach Hotel
Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

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The hotel is in Kara Oy village (Dolinka). Nearby resorts and hotels are 5 km from the hotel, the resort is 8 km to Cholpon-Ata, the resort center of Issyk-Kul Lake. The hotel area is well-groomed and landscaped, planted with coniferous and deciduous trees, a central avenue is decorated with dense thickets of sea buckthorn.


Mostly quiet, modern hotel, designed for 48 pax. The guests are welcomed to stay in 8 comfortably furnished modern bungalows and 8 economy class double rooms in the building. Each bungalows has 2 double rooms, the rooms in the building are also equipped. The resort area and parking is under 24/7surveillance, meets all the requirements of fire and personal safety.


  • The room price covers accommodation and three meals daily;
  • Only meals (11USD) are paid for children under 3, without additional bed;
  • The price for children under 10 years old is 80% of the accommodation, additional bed is provided;
  • The extra fee for children 10 years and older is 100% of the accommodation rate according to the tariff;
  • Extra bed (folding bed) for children 3-9 years old is 50% of the accommodation cost;
  • Extra bed (folding bed) for adults is 80% of the accommodation cost;
  • The visitors must provide the passport and the child’s birth certificate.


  • Breakfast  $ 3 ($ 2 for children);
  • Lunch  $ 7 ($ 5 for children);
  • Dinner $ 5 ($ 3 for children).

Additional Services:

  • Billiard;
  • Quad;
  • Horse Riding;
  • Kayak;
  • Bicycles for children;
  • Adult bike; 
  • Badminton;
  • Basketball, volleyball, soccer balls;
  • Swimming circle;
  • Chess, Backgammon;
  • Karaoke;
  • DVD movies;
  • Computer Games;
  • Internet;
  • Copy services;
  • Laptop computer;
  • Hookah Bar;
  • Sauna and spa.

  • Check-in: 14:00. Check-out: 12:00


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