Blue Issyk-Kul Sanatorium
Cholpon-ata, Kyrgyzstan

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Goluboy Issyk-Kul resort hotel is located in Cholpon-Ata, 250 km from Bishkek. There are Cholpon-Ata peloid deposit and mineral water springs on the resort hotel territory.


There are double, triple room and quadriple rooms with views on the lake and mountains. The rooms have toilet, bath, hot and cold water. The resort hotel is equipped with modern medical equipment. Water treatments, pearl, mineral, oxygen, carbon dioxide baths are very popular among visitors.


  • The room rate covers accommodation, meals and medication;
  • For children aged 3 to 6 years old, the fee is charged only for meals and is 10 USD a day (no additional sleeping accommodation is provided).

The trip cost covers the following procedures:

  • Balneotherapy (mineral baths);
  • Charcot's circular, upward douche;
  • Peloid therapy including:
  1. mud applications,
  2. gum and nasal mud applications,
  3. Private methods of application,
  4. Galvanic peloid treatment;
  • Electrophototherapy, including:
  1. Ultraviolet irradiation,
  2. SoLux lamp exposure,
  3. Infrared lamp exposure,
  • Inhalation;
  • Gynecological ablution;
  • Gynecological swabs;
  • Therapy Pool;
  • Gums ablution;
  • 4-chamber bath;
  • Electrophoresis;
  • Additional fee procedures (in U.S. dollars):
  1. Massage (one area),
  2. Mechanical massage,
  3. Full body massage,
  4. Underwater shower massage,
  5. Chiropractic,
  6. Dental prosthesis and filling,
  7. Colon hydrotherapy to cleanse the liver and gall bladder,
  8. ECG and medical diagnosis,
  9. Medical examination.
  • Additional Services:
  1. Barbershop;
  2. Beauty parlor;
  3. Phytobar;
  4. Theater;
  5. Concert Hall;
  6. Disco;
  7. Bar, restaurant;
  8. Billiard room;
  9. Slots;
  10. Gaming machines;
  11. Library;
  12. Post, Telegraph;
  13. Motor ship;
  14. Scooter, bananas;
  15. Parachute.


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