Goodlake Hotel
Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan

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Goodlake resort hotel is located on the northern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake in Chok-Tal village (226 kilometers to Bishkek). Altyn-Kum resort hotel is in the vicinity.


Goodlake is a comfortable economy class resort hotel. There are no noisy entertainment that allows you to be closer to the environmentally friendly nature and feel the peace of mind throughout your stay. Ideal decision for family holidays. However, and active young people will be able to take advantage of the entertainment infrastructure of the neighboring Altyn-Kum desert resort hotel.

The resort hotel consists of six buildings, two of which were restored in 2006 (new plumbing, flooring, furniture, windows and doors, etc.)

All dishes are prepared without the use of gas and electricity, so you can take tasty and healthy food, with all its genuine taste and vitamin properties.


Privately owned sandy beach. There is also a dock. There are a small café, guarded parking, billiard room, cinema hall and computer club nearby.


  • The price includes three meals a day

The features of the hotel:

  • Billiards;
  • Cafe;
  • Cinema room;
  • Computer room;
  • Guarded Parking.


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