Kyrgyz Seaside Sanatorium
Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan

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The “Kyrgyzskoye Vzmorie” health resort is located in the Bostery village, 15 km from the town of Cholpon-Ata, 265 km from Bishkek.


The resort hotel offers accommodation in cottages, in junior suites and suites both for single accommodation and for the whole family. Each room has a refrigerator, TV, shower, bath with hot and cold water. The resort hotel medical corps are equipped with the latest equipment. The resort hotel is open all year.

* The room price covers all meals and medication.


  • If desired, a guest willing to reserve a double room for single accommodation is provided a discount for second sleeping accommodation. Discount is as follows: in the resort - $ 16, in a holiday home - $11. If two people stay in a single room, the second person is extra charged for food, medical treatment and bed clothing;
  • On request, the travel package can cover or not cover meals, the treatment, except for trips to the cottage of astronauts which does not cover meals and medical treatment, but may be provided for extra fee. The meal cost: breakfast - 4 USD(180 soms), lunch - 6 USD(240 soms), dinner - 5USD (230 soms);
  • The fee for children under 5 years is 12USD for children’s menu catering and does not cover additional sleeping accommodation and treatment;
  • The children under the age of 12 years accommodated on the main site are provided 10% discount, the extra bed is 32USD in July and August and is 20USD in other months and covers meals and lodging in the same room with parents (without treatment);
  • The cost of an additional set of bed clothing is 7USD (300 soms) for one room for up to 3 days;
  • The main complex treatment is 10USD (450 KGS) per person per day. The complex treatment includes counseling with a therapist upon the arrival and before departure and for a treatment program, when required, not more than five procedures per day by a physician, a swimming pool (1 time / day). Possible treatments: water - mineral bath with pearl massage, shower, circular massage, mud applications of low or moderate mud, inhalations, speleotherapy, physiotherapy: magnet, UHF, ultrasound therapy, iontophoresis, electrical impulses therapy.

The procedures included in the price:

  • Hydrotherapy - mineral, pearl, oxygen, pelvic irrigation;
  • Mud - Mud baths, galvanic/peloid;
  • Physiotherapy, phototherapy;
  • Pool;
  • Medical consulting.

Additional fee (KGS) procedures:

  • Intestinal dyalisis with herbal extracts;
  • Massage;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Gym;
  • Medical sauna.

Additional Services:

  • 2 conference rooms for 40 and for 200 people;
  • Restaurant;
  • Summer Cafe;
  • Discobar;
  • Casino.


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