World Travel and Tourism Council ranking: Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan in the top rating

Category: Tourism

KyrgyzstanAccording to the recent report of the World Travel and Tourism Council, the touristic boom and the fastest growth of this industry within the next decade is expected in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, — informs the Daily Telegraph.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is an international non-governmental organization that consists of more than hundreds of representatives of the travel industry from different countries. The experts report that an annual growth of the tourist segment in relation to the GDP of Kyrgyzstan is forecasted at the level of 8,2%.

Every year Kyrgyzstan attracts thousands of tourists from all around the globe. 94% of the country is covered with mountains. It makes this land an ideal place for active holiday and rest in the nature. Due to difficult access to many mountainous regions of the republic, there are pristine picturesque landscapes that have been preserved and attract fans of horse riding. Thanks to horses and experienced guides, travelers can discover amazing blooming valleys and lakes hidden behind the mountain peaks. In total, there are more than 1923 lakes on the territory of the country. The most famous one is the Issyk Kul Lake, often called as the Pearl of the Tyan-Shan Mountains. Those who are willing to discover Kyrgyzstan have an excellent opportunity to dive into the real world of nomads that still keeps ancient traditions and unique culture for centuries.

Myanmar (7,7%) and India (7,5%) took the second and the third places.

The World Travel and Tourism Council report also included the list of the largest growth of the tourism segment in relation to the country GDP in 2015. The second in this category came Azerbaijan with the growth of 27,3%.

The land of fire attracts tourists with its colorful mixture of European and Asian civilizations, beauty of Caucasian mountains, grandeur of architectural monuments and rich history.

The first place in this ranking is taken by Uganda with the growth of 36,7%, and Qatar is in the third place with the rate of 23,7%.