Kyrgyzstan Included in Top 20 Travel Destinations of 2018

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Kyrgyzstan Included in Top 20 Travel DestinationsPassion Passport, a popular travel blog, published a list of the main travel destinations for 2018, based on the interesting stories, reviews and photographs from travelers from around the world. Out of the 20 most spectacular places, Kyrgyzstan is listed as number 18.

Let’s be honest: Kyrgyzstan probably isn’t at the top of your list, if for no other reason than you weren’t sure how to spell it. But don’t overlook it — this Central Asian nation features a vibrant culture and rugged mountainous terrain,” write the blog’s experts.

The leaders were the Faroe Islands, Pakistan, Iran, Singapore, and the Lofoten Islands. Passion Passport is one of the top ten biggest travel accounts on Instagram.