Turkmen Cuisine - Farinaceous Dishes

Popular Farinaceous Dishes of Turkmen Cuisine

Turkmen cuisine - farinaceous dishesTurkmen cuisine is distinguished by various dishes made from flour. Traditional bread is called chorek. Very popular are various flatbreads from the sour dough (katlama), patties (gutap) with different stuffings; meat cakes (etli nan). Unleavened dough is used for cooking pel'meni (borek) and noodles (unash) seasoned with sour milk.

Modern Turkmen cuisine is known for its dough-meat dishes. For example, there is an analogue of Kazakh beshbarmak - "gulak", "belke", "kurtuk". Manty are called "berek". Turkmen just invented their own names for them. This is why many people think they are completely different dishes.

Katlama (flatbreads)

Stiff dough is rolled out in a thin layer, greased and rolled back. The roll is cut in strips which are folded in circles. The resulted circles are slightly pressed down and rolled out. A small hole is made in the middle. Flatbreads are fried in a plenty of oil.

Etli Borek (pel'meni)

Turkmen cuisine, breadMutton flesh and onions are minced twice; salt, pepper and water are added. Unleavened dough is rolled out, cut in strips and use them for wrapping minced mixture. The ready pel'menis are boiled in salty water. They are served with sour milk or sour cream.

Shilekli (deep fried patties)

The dough kneaded on butter and eggs is thinly rolled out and cut in squares (15х15 cm). The twice minced salted and peppered mixture of mutton flesh and onions is put in the middle of a square and wrapped in dough pouches of triangle shape. Then the patties are deep fried.

Gutap (patties with onions)

Stiff unleavened dough is rolled out to form a 2 mm layer. Flatbreads are cut out and smeared with raw egg. The mixture made of finely chopped green onion, fennel, parsley and some butter is put in the center of the flatbreads and wrapped in the form of a half moon. The patties are fried in plenty of fat. They are served hot.