Turkmenistan Tours

Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan is an unparalleled country, with broad deserts, wide avenues, and historical and natural sights unrivaled anywhere else. From Darvaza Gas Crater to the stunning architecture of Ashgabat, our best Turkmenistan tours take you everywhere.

Turkmenistan has a long history on the Silk Road, as caravans crossing the vast Karakum Desert would stop at oasis cities like Merv. However, most of the local population lived a nomadic life, traveling across the desert (the famous Akhal-Teke horses were prized for their speed and endurance in the desert). After becoming the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic, Turkmenistan became independent in 1991, and with plenty of natural gas reserves, the country soon developed (the Darvaza Gas Crater is one such gas field).

Whether you start with the modern streets of Ashgabat, or the ruins of ancient Merv, or the prehistoric and unchanging Karakum Desert, booking the best Turkmenistan tour is a choice you won’t regret. Advantour’s years of experience with the best guides, restaurants, and hotels means that your trip to Turkmenistan is sure to be unforgettable.