Turkmen Cuisine - Poultry Dishes

Trans-Caspian Turkmen are known for great dishes cooked from water fowl - ducks, geese.

Stewed Stuffed Poultry

Stewed Stuffed Poultry is a traditional dish of Trans-Caspian Turkmen. You can try it in any restaurant. Here is the recipe:

A bird plucked and singed is wiped dry and rubbed with salt from inside. After that the stuffing is put and the carcass is sewn up and fried in sesame oil inside a pig-iron cauldron. In 20 minutes 1-1/2 glasses of boiled water is added to the cauldron and the dish is stewed on small fire. Spices are added to the resulting juice. The bird is to be constantly turned and sauced. When water evaporates the bird is taken out. The remains of the stuffing are put in the cauldron oil and a glass of rice (preliminary wetted in boiled water for 40 minutes), another glass of boiled water is added and cook rice until ready without stirring under a cover. Then the rice is salted and colored with saffron. The bird is then put with its front downwards into a pit made in rice and cooked further on small fire for 10 minutes, and then left under the cover for another 10 minutes with fire extinguished.

Before serving the bird is cut into chunks, rice and stuffing are put on different parts of a plate without being mixed. The bird is stuffed with onions, dried apricots, raisins with addition of lemon juice, garlic, pepper, azhgon (zira). Vegetables and dried fruit are fried in sesame oil with further adding of spices and juices; the stuffing is to be left for 10 minutes until cool.