Mulberry Festival

Date: 06-JUL-19
City: Goris
Harvesting mulberries

Location: Karayundj village, 4 km from Goris

About the festival:

Mulberries are highly esteemed by the residents of Syunik Province, where this village is located. In Karaundj and surrounding villages, mulberries in all their forms have been used for centuries. All of this is on display at the Mulberry Festival in July, accompanied by traditional Armenian music and dances from performers and local residents.

The festival starts with traditional mulberry gathering, followed by various master classes around the perimeter of the festival. Visitors can see how mulberry spirits are distilled, what goes into doshab (a sweet syrup used for treating colds and coughs), how to dry mulberries, how many types of mulberries there are, and also how mulberries are used in several traditional Armenian dishes. Take this opportunity to experience life of the mountain dwellers of Syunik.

Participation in the festival is free, but participants can spend money on souvenirs (such as sweets, mulberry spirits, and other local products).

We hope to see you at the Mulberry Festival in July!