Goris, Armenia

Goris, Syunik marz

The city of Goris is the oldest among the cities of Marz Syunik. It is situated in the valley of the Vararak mountainous river, in the southern part of Syunik volcanic highland. The rocks surrounding the city are known as “The Goris Stone Forest”. They represent amazing labyrinths of colored columns, pyramids, cones and towers. These figures combining a play of light and shadow make an indelible impression. A hilly Goris landscape   is indented with gorges from which the rocks,   like outlandish plants, reach out towards the sun, opening new and new fantastic landscapes, sometimes resembling extraterrestrial ones. The Goris Stone Forest looking like a film set of some extra-atmospheric blockbuster is the main sight-miracle of the city. 
It should be mentioned that stone and earthen pyramids being a specific elements of the local landscape are loose inside, which feature enabled the ancient people to cut hollows inside them and arrange dwellings for themselves.  Up to the mid-XIX century, they were inhabited with people who were unwilling to move to modern houses.   
Goris itself is a well-planned city built mainly with two-storey houses along the straight and wide streets of the city which is sunk in orchard s and greenery of parks.