Armenian Autumn Holidays

History and description of Armenian autumn holidays

Independence Day

Autumn holidays in Armenia - Independence DayThe principal state holiday of the country is always observed magnificently. The main festivities are held in Yerevan, and as the tradition, they are started with paying of tribute to the memory of those, without whom this holiday would not take place, and there would not be the peace on Armenian land. At this day the sacred duty of every Armenian is to visit memorials of their countrymen, who gave their lives in the struggle for freedom and independence of the country. All memorials of Yerevan are in abundance of flowers and lights of candles at this holiday. The leadership of the Republic traditionally lays wreaths to Yerablur Pantheon – the memorial of victims of Karabakh war. Then the center of festivities moves to the central square, where the concert of Armenian pop stars begins right under the open sky. At the same time the demonstration of Armenian movies begins in all cinemas, exhibitions of Armenian artists, products of applied arts are held in galleries. Wonderful festivals, shows and competitions are timed to the Independence day, so at this day there is enough circuses, and bread so much the more: hospitable Armenian people serve the tables right in the open. Whatever event you will visit, you will be suggested to taste national food and drinks without fail.

Yerevan City Day

Autumn holidays in Armenia - Yerevan City Day

At first time the Birthday of native city was celebrated by residents in 1968, when the capital was 2750 years old. Then this tradition was terminated and renewed only in 1998. Since that the Capital City Day is celebrated widely, funny and vividly! Festive events are held around the city. There are theatrical performances for children, games, amusements in parks. Spectacular sport competitions are arranged on the squares. Exhibitions, concerts, performances of creative teams are held in museums and on all big stages of the city, where residents and guests of the capital can see the Armenian folklore, colorful folk traditions and customs. Everyone can fine the amusement on his own taste at this day. And in the evening the central square of the Republic turns into the grand stage, where the festive concert takes place, which concludes with fabulous salute.

National Holiday of Wine

Armenian Autumn Holidays - National Holiday of Wine in ArmeniaThe wine-making in Armenia is elevated to particular cult. “This sacred drink takes second place after mother’s milk”, - joke Armenians. But, as it’s well-known, in every joke there is… Armenian people really treat wine with tender, though all real good professionals. Armenian people make the wine from times immemorial, know their stuff and like it. There is no better praise for wine-maker, than the praise of his drink, and there is no worse insult than the uncomplimentary utterance about it. Therefore the celebration of wine in Armenia is the clearest and most pleasant holiday for everyone. At this day it is customary to worship to this sacred drink – white, red, sparkling, rough, sweet, demi-doux, dry, dessert, table wines… At these festive events you will meet so many varieties of wine, you just can imagine. Especially these events are arranged with great pomp in villages – centers of wine-making industry. Besides wine sampling you will meet with folk groups, which will show you “Dances of Wine-makers” and other spectacular numbers.