Holidays in Armenia

The holiday of “Trndez” is celebrated at the end of winter.  This holiday came from the pagan times of fire-worship.  This day a big fire is built right in the church yard and newly wedded couples jump over it to defecate themselves from everything bad: the evil, arrogance and misfortune. With this day spring comes to the land of Armenia... 

“Tsakhkazard” or “Tsarzardar” holiday as also dedicated to spring coming. This day people come to church bringing  feathered branches of willow, and upon their consecration in church, put them on the heads of the young and children.   
In summer at the beginning of August, when it is especially hot and the fields suffer from drought, a heaven-sent “Vardavar” water holiday arrives. The traditional swilling of each other in the city’s streets also confirms the ancient roots of profane rites. From times immemorial the betrothed girls three weeks before the wedding day should throw wheat and oats in a cuvette with water and when the grains germinate, the newly wedded couples swill each other with this water. Vardavar is celebrated rather cheerfully.  
St Sarkis Day is observed on 13 February, on the eve of European St. Valentine Day - Day of all enamored. This day the girls bake special  salty pastry – “arkhablit”. The pastry is to be eaten before a night sleep and he, who appears in a girl’s dream and brings water to her, will be her betrothed.