Armenia Weather

Weather conditions in Armenia

The climate in Armenia is mountainous, continental. Since the country is located high above sea level, weather, regardless the season, very often varies even in the nearby regions.

On the Ararat plain and in the basin of Arpa river summers are often hot. Average July temperature is 26 °С, maximum 42 °С. Winters are cold: average January temperature is -4 °С with low precipitation (350 mm per year).

In the low hills summers are warm (average July temperature is 20 °С) and winters are cold (average January temperature is -7 °С) with heavy precipitation. In the middle hills of the central part of the country (altitude of 1500-1800m) summers are also warm. Average July temperature is 18-20 °С, but winters are cold: average January temperature is -10 °С with heavy snowfall.

In the northern and southeastern middle hills the weather is mild and humid. Average January temperature is -4-0 °С, in the mid-summer +18-19 °С. On the southeast and northeast of the country summer is long and very hot. Average summer temperature is about 24 °С, and winters are mild and without snow (average winter temperature is 0 °С).

In the highlands the climate is cold and humid. Average January temperature is -14 °С, average July temperature is not higher than +10 °С. In  winter Armenia weather is cold and rather snowy, which reaches 30-100 sm in the highlands and lies until the mid-spring.

Generally, rainfall in Armenia is infrequent. The capital city receives 33 cm of rain annually, though more rainfall occurs in the mountains. The most rainy season in Armenia occurs from spring to early summer.