Date: from 25-SEP-18 to 27-SEP-18
City: Baku
The 3d Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition - ADEX-2018

Venue: Baku Expo Centre
Exhibition's site:

About the "ADEX-2018" trade show:

From 25 to 27 September 2018 the 3d Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition - ADEX-2018 will be held in Baku.

ADEX is a chance to learn about cutting-edge defence technologies and products from across the military hardware sector, as well as the latest military equipment offered for export in the global defence market.

By exhibiting at ADEX, you can fully unlock its commercial potential and open up possibilities and prospects for your business. It is an opportunity to make new business contacts and bolster relations with your clients and partners.

Aims of the exhibition:

  • Strengthen cooperation in the military hardware sector
  • Expand international partnership circles
  • Present the latest achievements from Azerbaijani and international producers of military hardware
  • Develop business contacts between producers and buyers of military hardware from around the world
  • Showcase the achievements and potential of Azerbaijan’s defence industry to the domestic and international community

Product Categories:

Ground forces

  • Armoured and non-armoured vehicles
  • Command and control systems
  • Ammunition and its component parts
  • Body armour and personal protection systems
  • Anti-aircraft defence systems
  • Anti-tank missile systems
  • Simulation and training systems

Air forces

  • Military aircraft, helicopters and drones
  • Weapons and guidance
  • Missiles and air defence systems
  • Aircraft electronics and military exercise systems
  • Simulation and training systems


  • Navy and coastguard
  • Command and control systems
  • Navy weapons systems
  • Navigation and radiolocation systems
  • Rescue systems
  • Port systems and port structure
  • Simulation and training systems

Internal forces

  • Internal security systems
  • Intelligence equipment and technology
  • Equipment and technology for emergency situations
  • Special-purpose trucks, cars and vehicles
  • Police and security aircraft and helicopters
  • Shore security and technology
  • Search and rescue equipment and technology
  • Corporate and personal security systems