Date: from 24-SEP-24 to 26-SEP-24
City: Baku
5th Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition

Venue: Baku Expo Centre
Exhibition's site:

About the trade show:

From 24 to 26 September 2024 the 5th Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition - ADEX-2024 will be held in Baku.

ADEX is a chance to learn about cutting-edge defence technologies and products from across the military hardware sector, as well as the latest military equipment offered for export in the global defence market.

By exhibiting at ADEX, you can fully unlock its commercial potential and open up possibilities and prospects for your business. It is an opportunity to make new business contacts and bolster relations with your clients and partners.

Aims of the exhibition:

  • Strengthen cooperation in the military hardware sector
  • Expand international partnership circles
  • Present the latest achievements from Azerbaijani and international producers of military hardware
  • Develop business contacts between producers and buyers of military hardware from around the world
  • Showcase the achievements and potential of Azerbaijan’s defence industry to the domestic and international community

Exhibition Sections:

Aerospace Defence Systems  

  • Airships and powered balloons  
  • Artificial satellites  
  • Assisted eject (escape) systems  
  • Aviation maintenance equipment  
  • Avionics systems and equipment  
  • Ballistic missile defence systems and facilities  
  • Engines, equipment and components parts for aircrafts
  • Military aircrafts and helicopters  
  • Missile and artillery weapons for aircrafts   
  • Parachute packs
  • Space instrumentation technology  

Arms and ammunition 

  • Ammunition
  • Artillery weapon
  • Cold steel arms
  • Missile weaponry
  • Non-lethal weapons
  • Small arms

Electro-optical equipment and systems  

  • Component parts for electro-optical, thermal imaging and laser systems
  • Electro-optical systems for space control and space surveillance  
  • Hydro-optic devices and systems  
  • Laser equipment 
  • Navigational survey systems and aids  
  • Night vision devices
  • Optical sights
  • Surveillance and sighting devices and facilities  

Electronic Warfare Systems, C4ISR 

  • Command Information Centres (CICs)  
  • Communications systems and means for armed forces  
  • Electronic warfare systems and facilities 
  • Intelligence systems and aids  
  • Jammers for wireless and cellular communications  
  • Navigation systems and aids for armed forces  

Emergency and rescue means

  • Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence (CBRN) systems  
  • Emergency Response and Search & Rescue Equipment  
  • Fire fighting plants and equipment   
  • Medical equipment packages   
  • Military ambulances  
  • Mobile hospitals 
  • Water treatment facilities  

Internal (domestic) security 

  • Border control and customs inspection facilities   
  • Emergency population warning systems   
  • Enforcement and investigation activity aids   
  • Forensic equipment
  • Perimeter security systems   
  • Personal security of the population  
  • Police equipment 
  • Systems and resources to counter terrorism  

Military organizations / Associations / Educational institutions

Military uniforms and equipment  

  • Bullet resistant vests
  • Camouflage clothing   
  • Helmets
  • Holsters
  • Military backpacks, map boards, bags  
  • Military shoes
  • Military uniform accessories and insignia (medals, shoulder boards, cap badges, chevrons)
  • Personal hygiene among military personnel   
  • Uniforms 

Radar systems

  • Air radar systems  
  • Ground radar systems  
  • Marine radar systems  
  • Telescopic masts (antennas)  

Ships, vessels and naval systems

  • Air-cushion vessels (ACVs)
  • Auxiliary vessels  
  • Marine vessel design and upgrades  
  • Radar and navigation systems for ships  
  • Sonar systems
  • Submarines 
  • Underwater and diving equipment   
  • Warships 
  • Weaponry, component parts and engines for ships 

Simulation and training systems

  • Military simulators for naval vessels, ground vehicles and aircrafts  
  • Modelling  
  • Shooting-range equipment  
  • Small arms simulators  
  • Targeting equipment  
  • Training aircrafts 

Technology and equipment for production, maintenance and disposal of weaponry  

Unmanned systems

  • Air drones 
  • Robotic systems
  • Unmanned ships  

Vehicles and equipment for railway troops

Weapons and vehicles for ground troops 

  • Air and missile defence weapons and equipment  
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Armouring of transport vehicles and defensive armour manufacturing    
  • Artillery and missile weaponry and systems  
  • Components and accessories for military ground equipment
  • Military mobile points of command (Mobile Headquarters)
  • Military transportation resources  
  • Specifically trained dog (K9) services  
  • Systems and aids for detecting and clearing landmines 
  • Upgrade and maintenance of combat materiel and weaponry