Date: from 02-OCT-2020 to 03-OCT-2020
City: Baku
3rd Azerbaijan International Gifts and Promotional Products Fair

Venue: Boulevard Hotel Baku
Official site:

About Gift&Promo fair 2020:

From 2 to 3 October 2020 Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, will be hosting the 3rd Azerbaijan International Gifts and Promotional Products Fair - Gift&Promo Fair 2020.

Azerbaijan International Gifts and Promotional Products Fair will become a showcase of the gift industry, offering a wide range of business, VIP level gifts, souvenirs and promotional products, as well as gifts for loved ones and friends.

Over 3 days, the exhibition will bring together an audience focused on the selection of gifts, both for the private and corporate sectors.

Exhibition sections:

  • Gifts
  • Dowry
  • Luxury zone
  • Fashion world
  • Hand-made products
  • Children's gallery
  • Emotional gifts
  • Wedding

Advantages of participation:

  • The program of the Forum includes only the most INTERESTING and ACTUAL!
  • The cost of contact with one representative of a company’s target audience at an exhibition or trade fair is markedly cheaper than any other means of advertising.
  • The unique "extra-territorial" nature of an exhibition makes it much easier to establish contacts; in this environment you, your potential customers and your competitors are all on neutral territory.
  • An exhibition is the ideal place to learn about demand for new goods and to conduct research into what your competitors are doing.
  • An exhibition is an effective means of helping a firm to penetrate new foreign markets or establish dealership networks.
  • An exhibition allows you to show your new goods in action.
  • The fact that media representatives attend exhibitions makes it a lot easier to work with them and helps with the creation of PR material.
  • Taking part in an exhibition allows you access to a fairly substantial segment of the market in a short period of time.
  • For any business an exhibition is a bridge linking customers, wholesale and retail trading companies, suppliers and manufacturers and it offers a competitive environment for making new contacts.
  • The very best intellectual and material resources available for you to take advantage of are concentrated in and around an exhibition for the short period of its duration.