Baku Flame Towers

Baku Flame Towers

Baku Flame Towers are one of the symbols of the capital. Resembling the tongues of flame, three unusually shaped skyscrapers soar into the sky and can be seen from any part of the city center. The construction of the complex was completed in 2012. Since then, residents and guests of Baku can enjoy the view of majestic buildings shimmering in the sun. At night, the towers turn into a platform for a light show. The walls of skyscrapers are covered with thousands of LED screens, which illuminate images of huge fiery flashes that emphasize the elegant architectural composition of each building.

Previously, the Moscow Hotel was located on the site of the Flame Towers in Nagorny Park, which was demolished in the early 2000s. The construction process took five years. It started in 2007. Originally the plan was to finish the work in three years. However, due to unstable weather conditions, construction was delayed for another two years.

The total area of premises inside the three towers is 227,000 square meters. The buildings have different heights: 140, 160, and 190 meters. At the same time, the complex is located on a hill, which creates an even greater effect. Inside the towers, there are luxurious rooms of the five-star Fairmont Baku hotel, office space, residential apartments, a cinema, spa, and restaurants.

An interesting fact: in addition to the tongues of flame, the towers resemble an opened pomegranate fruit, which is also an integral symbol of Azerbaijani culture. The coat of arms of the city of Baku depicts three yellow flames, so the shape and design of the Flame Towers may also be a hint of the city's state symbols.

Baku Flame Towers quickly became one of the identification marks of Baku.