Tuba-Shakhi Mosque near Baku

Located on the outskirts of Baku, in a town called Mardakan, is Tuba Shahi Mosque. This mosque was built in the 15th century by the order of a woman named Tuba Shahi, and is named after her. This religious structure has survived in good condition, and is an excellent example of medieval architecture in Azerbaijan.

The mosque’s walls are made of smooth stone, and the rectangular windows are decorated with stone lattices carved in geometrical patterns. The facade top is decorated with a carved cornice. The entrance juts out a bit from the main building, and above the door is a inscription noting the years of construction (1481-1482). The overall look of Tuba Shahi Mosque is quite modest, with modest yet pleasing decoration.

The rooms inside the mosque are connected to each other and the main hall by curved arches. Above the center of the hall stands a low faceted drum, with a peaked dome on top. The mihrab (which shows the direction of prayer) is located in the southern wall. The interior of Tuba Shahi is pleasantly harmonious, due to the perfect ratio of different rooms and spaces.