Emblem of Azerbaijan

State emblem of AzerbaijanNational emblem of Azerbaijan was approved on the 19th January, 1993. It represents an image in the form of a shield against the backdrop of the arch, woven from the branches of oak and wheat ears.

In the centre of the emblem there is a fire, which symbolizes the "Land of Fires". Colours used on the emblem, are the colours of the national flag of Azerbaijan. Eight-pointed star symbolizes the eight branches of the Turkic peoples. Below is a garland of wheatears and branches of oak. The garland of wheatears symbolizes wealth and fertility. Oak branches are the symbol of the country’s ancientry. The edges of the shield and stars are surrounded by a golden colour, acorns and oak panel buttons are also golden. Shield depicted on the emblem represents military power of the state and heroic valor of the people.

The branches of oak signify glory, fame and power, wheatears symbolises abundance, productivity, prolificacy, which both are traditional symbols of Azerbaijan. Eight-pointed star is a kind of ornamental pattern, which became widespread in the architectural and jewelry art of Azerbaijan. This star is also shown on the national flag of country. The fire in the centre of the emblem is depicted in the form of the word "Allah" written in the ancient alphabet.