Gabala International Music Festival

Gabala International Music Festival

Each year, Gabala, a city nestled in the heart of Azerbaijan, proudly hosts the Gabala International Festival of Jazz, Mugam, and Classical Music. This prestigious event unites a multitude of renowned artists and musical groups from across the globe, thereby affirming Gabala's title as the musical capital of Azerbaijan. The festival offers a unique opportunity for both music aficionados and professional artists to immerse themselves in the rich, beautiful tapestry of global sounds.

Participants hail from diverse nations, including Turkey, Russia, Israel, Italy, the United States, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and, of course, Azerbaijan itself. As such, the Gabala Music Festival embodies a beautiful synthesis of cultures, traditions, and artistic expression.

Once you step into the festival, you're welcomed into a wonderland of sound and light, where stunning music and vibrant performances go hand in hand. A melting pot of the world's national dances and music styles, the festival showcases Azerbaijani musicians adorned in their traditional attire, performing mughams—a cherished form of Azerbaijani music and poetry. Alongside the philharmonic and symphonic orchestra concerts, you'll experience the rhythm of jazz compositions, the passion of flamenco tunes, and the subtlety of contemporary chamber music.

Established in 2009, the Gabala Music Festival has welcomed a host of eminent artists over the years, including the likes of pianist Denis Matsuev, cellist and conductor Dmitry Yablonsky, opera singer Vyacheslav Voynarovsky, violist Yuri Bashmet, violinist Chloe Henslip, and pianist Idil Biret, among many others. In 2017, the festival had the honour of hosting the Uzeyir Haijibeli Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra, the country's premier music ensemble.

Scheduled during the balmy summer months, this multi-day festival graces Gabala's stages typically from late July to early August, presenting a unique blend of sound and culture for all who attend.