Nizami Ganjevi Mausoleum, Ganja

Nizami Ganjevi Mausoleum

Nizami Ganjevi MausoleumGanja is the birthplace of the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjevi who made the invaluable contribution to the history of not only Azerbaijani literature but also the world literature. Nizami Ganjevi was born in Ganja in 1141. He was one of the most educated people of the time. He became world famous as the author of "Khamme" (penta verse ) the collection of five poems which displayed not only the poet's great skill but also his ethical and philosophical views. The most part of the lyrics is devoted to love. Other world famous works by Nizami are poems "Khosrov and Shirin", "Layli and Medzhnun", "Iskander - nameh".

Nizami Ganjevi Mausoleum today is the place of pilgrimage and adoration of poets. It is located at the approach to city from the southwest. The mausoleum is a modern monumental construction of the cylindrical form of red granite dressed in semicircular shapes. Below there is the entrance to the mausoleum which seems just tiny in comparison to the majestic structure. The name Nizami is cut with golden letters right above the entrance.