Ancient Settlement of Ganja, Azerbaijan

Ancient Settlemen  of Ganja

GanjaGanja site of ancient settlement is located 7 - 10 kilometers to the northeast from the present day Ganja. Only within the limits of its fortifications the area is 250 hectares; along with the rabads and outskirts the area reaches more than 810 hectares.

The structures of the fortress were placed very close to one another and were separated by narrow winding streets. Since the 1930s archaeological excavations have been carried out there. As a result several cultural layers and sensational finds were discovered reflecting the everyday life and economy of the city; the ceramic water pipeline, the 10th - 11th centuries coins, items made of glass, faience, ceramics, copper, iron were among them.

There was even a version according to which it was assumed that the city was founded not in the 9th century but much earlier. On the site of ancient settlement the remnants of the entire residential quarters with ruins of brick houses, the pise-walled hearths, tandirs, ancient lamps, pottery with images of animals and ornaments with Arabian inscriptions were found. There were also clay statues of animals which is not characteristic of Muslim countries' cultures. All those finds can be seen in major Azerbaijan museums.