Gulistan Mausoleum, Nakhichevan

The ancient Gulistan Mausoleum is one of the most precious Nahchivan landmarks - a jewel of Azerbaijani art. Built from red sandstone it stands in a small green hollow nearby the Araks river. This structure has 12 sides covered with rich and complex but extraordinary subtle geometrical patterns.

The mausoleum towers on a mighty pedestal of unusual shape as if dressed from all sides to produce triangular wedges. Once the mausoleum was crowned with a pyramidal dome but it has not survived. The rest of it is in a perfect condition.

All sides are densely covered with geometrical ornaments-inscriptions. The top of the mausoleum is richly decorated with ornamental interlacing. The doorway is in the northern side of the mausoleum. You can go down directly to the bottom underground part of the mausoleum. It is poorly lit through little loophole windows. The mausoleum's interior is plain-looking.