Gemigaia Petroglyphs near Ordubad

Ordubad, Azerbaijan

Rock Drawings of Gemigaia, Ordubad

Located 60 km to the south of Ordubad is mount Gemigaia - the second largest after Gobustan place of abundant rock petroglyphs - the fine arts of the Bronze Age (3,000 - 2,000 BC). They were left by farming and cattle breeding tribes which lived on this territory.

The surface of the rocks has been polished to mirror shine by landslips and glaciers. This surface stores thousands of carved drawings reflecting ancient peoples' ideas about life.

Among these drawings there are images of people, goats, deer, bulls, imaginary animals, leopards, birds. Gemigaia is famous for very interesting drawings in which ancient ceremonial dances, spiritual life and rituals of ancient people of Nakhchivan are pictured.

There is a locals' legend connected with the name of the mountain. In fact it is a myth about Noah. According to the legend Noah collided with it during the Flood and gave it the name "Kemchi" (Smaller) (Gemigaia is a variant of Kemchigaia).