Chinese Cuisine

Chinese food: сhinese chef cooking a dishChina is a country where everything boggles the imagination: history, art, nature and even food. The Chinese cuisine is one of the most unusual in the world. By tradition, the Chinese eat with the help of wooden chopsticks, which suppose a great skill from a layman. Besides, the ingredients for Chinese food are rather specific: snake meat, shark fins, different small animals and insects.

Chinese cuisine is notable for usage of seafood, vegetables and fruits in large quantities. The Chinese do not like fried food that is why they use a small quantity of oil when frying. The Chinese food contains healthful substances in large quantities. Savory food, dishes with a keen relish and spicy seasoning, as well as a wide range of various sauces prevail in traditional dishes. However, a favorite ingredient of all Chinese dishes is rice. It is used to cook lots and lots of garnishes for various dishes; it also replaces bread in Chinese cuisine. The favorite Chinese food from rice is dry pudding – fan or gruel – famichzhou, eaten for breakfast.

Chinese Cuisine: Lunch at one of the outdoor cafes in the central district of Hong Kong
Chinese Cuisine: Tandoori, saffron, basil shrimp and calamari with risotto and saffron
Chinese Cuisine: Taiwan street food - barbecued squid

Generally speaking, Chinese food strikes with its variety. The Chinese can cook any food from any ingredients. The best-known noodles enjoy a huge popularity both in China and outside, and of course no Chinese can make without a cup of tea.

Chinese Cuisine: sweet dumplings: traditional dish cooked for the New Year in many Asian countries, including China
Chinese Cuisine: Peking duck and noodle soup
Chinese Cuisine: Fortune Cookie

China pays much attention to the food cooking culture. There are certain requirements to be met by Chinese food: presentable appearance – se, pleasant flavor – san and inimitable taste – wei Moreover, Chinese cuisine is notable for combination of meat or fish with vegetables, while all the ingredients are to be chopped up for quick cooking.

Chinese Cuisine: spicy chicken with green pepper and rice
Chinese Cuisine: sea scallop
Chinese Cuisine: delicacy made from silkworms

That is not to say that China has the traditional food common to everybody. Every region is notable for its own special methods to cook food. It should be noted that there are several culinary schools in China - Shandong, Szechuan and Canton.

Each of these regions is notable for its own special food and cooking methods: Shandong cuisine is famous for its savory dishes, Szechuan one has abundance of seasoning in food as well as for its sauces, while Canton cuisine is notable for its innovative ideas and food cooking methods.

Those who love savory taste in food - Welcome to the Celestial Empire!